November 16, 2011

Photo Essay: India: Symphony of Contrasts, by Silviu Pavel

I arrived in India in June 2011 and was immediately impressed by almost everything that passed in front of my eyes. It was my first time in Asia – I live in Eastern Europe. I visited only four cities (Bangalore, New Delhi, Agra and Varanasi) in a very short period of time, and as far as I could tell I found them to be pretty different from each other, but all similar in the way of shapes and contrasts. Although culturally, socially and economically speaking, these cities have individual particularities, I found in all of them the same natural appetite for geometric contexts. I was attracted by this “accidental” perfect order of things and looked for it everywhere I travelled. With these street photographs I wanted to catch this “symphony” in the way of the shapes, colours, contrasts and people, all living in a very harmonious manner.
Photographer: Silviu Pavel
Website: www.silviupavel.comCamera: Nikon D90/Nikon F100