January 12, 2011

f l o r e n t i n a

      “Florentina”, this is the name of a 57 year old woman living alone in "The Valley of Fir Trees", a small mountain village from Romania. She conquers you with her way of being so natural, with the fact that her salary is less than 50 Euro/month and with this money she feeds 7 cats, 2 dogs, 1 cow and take care of herself.
      She never misses her favorite weekly crossword magazine and she always listens her favorite show to her small radio. Almost every day she goes to her work place: the church. There, she sells candles and keeps clean God's place. If you ever have a route to The Valley of Fir Trees, you can find her in the church or in the street chatting with some neighbor. And in all this time she is smiling.

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