October 07, 2010

Viewbook Photostory 2010 Contest

Viewbook PhotoStory 2010 is an international contest to which photographers are invited to submit a contemporary collection of images that convey a compelling narrative. While a single image has a narrative in itself and can be strong in isolation, Viewbook Photostory’s focus is specifically on showing series of images, in a well-chosen sequence that triggers a reaction and combines a narrative with photographic excellence. Viewbook PhotoStory is the ultimate international arena for showing and proving the impact of these narratives, and offers an engaging and prominent platform for photography artists.

competition entry1 link: A Good Childhood

competition entry2 link: People of Dornisoara

1 comment:

Dorina said...

what it really moves in these black & white photos is the color of the freedom of these children, who are - maybe - a little forgotten by God, by the society or even by their own parents, but not forgotten by the caress of childhood, which always fascinates us with its magical, healing world.